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Mylon & Kathy Avery have a special calling on their lives. They are equipped and anointed to see the God-given greatness that exists in others, to help each person see that unique greatness in themseves and help them find the courage to share it with the world Mylon Avery is a gifted minister who has more than twenty five years of ministry experience. As a pastor, preacher, teacher, author, musician and singer, Mylon uses his abilities to benefit the kingdom and help people live out their eternal destiny. Growing up in a minister's home, Mylon learned first hand what it meant to serve the Lord. He gave his life to the Lord at age 18 and quickly began preaching. He became youth pastor at his church and also joined a Christian band which started his love for the ministry of music. Over the years Mylon has served as youth pastor, associate pastor and senior pastor of two churches. Kathy serves at Mylon’s right hand taking care of much of the behind the scenes work that most never see. Her love for people is exceeded only by her love for God. Over the years Kathy has served as teacher, counselor, organizer and prayer warrior. She is a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, friend, co-pastor and fellow servant of Christ. Mylon & Kathy live in Austin, Texas and have served as our Lead Pastors since 2004. To learn more about Mylon & Kathy Avery and their ministry go to www.MylonAvery.com
"It is our sincere desire to help you discover and become everything God created you to be." - Mylon & Kathy Avery
Our Pastors - Mylon & Kathy Avery
Our Pastors
Mylon & Kathy Avery