The ARC Community Church 305 Deen Ave. Austin, TX 78753 512-832-9794 / thearcaustin@outlook.com
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Our Vision
OUR VALUES GOD-GIVEN VISION  We will rally around the Vision imparted to our lead Pastor POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE  We will maintain an atmosphere of Equality, Hope and Love with no personal judgments A BIBLICAL MINISTRY STRUCTURE  We are a Congregation Based Ministry led by a Biblical Leadership Structure EXCELLENCE & INNOVATION  We will strive to be the best and most creative we can be PASSION & CONVICTION We will live and minister genuinely from the heart CULTURAL RELEVANCE  We will relate God’s message to people in a manner they can relate to and understand LIFE TRANSFORMATION  We will see lives changed by the power of Jesus Christ PERSONAL GROWTH  We will encourage and foster personal and spiritual growth
OUR MISSION - Helping the people of Austin ‘DISCOVER LIFE’ in Jesus Christ LOVE THE WORLD We will share the love of God by loving the world in tangible ways. We will heal the hurting, supply the needy, bring hope to the hopeless and love the un-loved. We will love people as they are, where they are, because of who God is - for God is Love LEAD PEOPLE TO JESUS We will share the good news of salvation found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. GROW BELIEVERS We will encourage and foster the personal and spiritual growth of believers. We will train, teach and mentor. We will offer opportunities to grow and serve. We will help people become everything that God created them to be. LOVE GOD We will worship, serve and dedicate our lives to God because we love Him. We will express our love for God through our thoughts, words and actions. We will love God with our very lives.
OUR VISION To build a place of hope and love. A place where people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures can join together in worship and service to our God. A  place where every soul is precious and God’s children reach out to the world with love and compassion. A place where people can find healing from the past, help for life today and hope for tomorrow through a real, life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.