The ARC Community Church 305 Deen Ave. Austin, TX 78753 512-832-9794 / thearcaustin@outlook.com
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What To Expect
At The ARC we want you to feel welcome when you’re with us. Our people are friendly and the atmosphere is positive. Although we are a close family of Christians, we’re not a closed family; there is always room for one more. When you walk through the doors of The ARC you’ll be greeted with a friendly smile into a warm and positive atmosphere. Our services are filled with excitement as we celebrate the presence of God. The music at The ARC is modern and upbeat and the messages are powerful and inspiring. Everything we do is designed to help people discover and live the abundant life that Jesus came to give. Wear your best suit or your favorite jeans and you’ll be right at home. There’s a staffed nursery, Children’s Church for the kids and no pressure. So make plans to come out and be with us. We’ll save a place for you. HOW WE CONDUCT OUR SERVICES We minister to the Lord in Worship. Each service begins with joyous songs of worship, praise and prayer by all people. We minister to people. We pray for the sick, comfort the hurting and reach out to those in need. We minister the word of God. The preaching and teaching of God’s word helps to establish the foundation necessary for the believer to live a victorious Christian life. We use the Bible as a basis for all we do. Every part of our ministry is based upon principles outlined in God’s Word HOW WE WORSHIP GOD In Song - We sing to worship the Lord and to prepare our hearts for the preaching of God’s word. Colossians 3:16 Clapping our hands - Clapping our hands is an expression of joy, and is another way of expressing worship. Psalms 47:1 Lifting our hands - This is the universal expression of surrender to God.  Psalms 134:2 Lifting our voices - We shout and pray out loud as verbal expressions of our thanks and petitions to God. Psalms 47:1 WE MOVE IN SPIRITUAL GIFTS There are nine gifts of the Holy Spirit given in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11. These gifts may occur at any time in our services. WE SPEAK IN TONGUES This is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit given by God to an individual to express praise, worship, or prayer in a language not understood by the individual. 1 Corinthians 14:2 / 1Corinthians 14:14,15 WE PRAY FOR THOSE IN NEED The “laying on of hands” is a scriptural method of prayer by which the anointing or power of the Lord is released to free people from bondage or sickness. James 5:14 / Mark 16:18
What To Expect When You Come To The ARC